Cloud Technology

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Cloud computing is all the rage. “It’s become the buzz phrase of 2014”. 

The problem is that everyone seems to have a different opinion or definition of what it is exactly ?

In simple terms its merely a way of combining the technologies of external hosting services, (or hosting farms), as they are also known as, to assist in the DE-centralising of your data with security and redundancy for you to have a more flexible way of accessing your information.

Think of it as a way to have your information with you, at you finger tips, using nothing more than an everyday “Web Browser”, all with out the hassle of the required hardware investments to host the information on your own equipment, but still owning the information.

As the popularity for cloud computing services, so does the need to develop better applications, and with this in mind we look at your business as a whole in order to determine your application requirement and assist in the planning, development and implementation needed for you to be up and running in very little time.

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