Configuring your Cisco SRP527W Modem/Router

Connect your DSL cable directly to the DSL port on your SRP527W. Make sure that you use an ADSL splitter, if required.

Connect all of your wired computers and other network devices to the LAN ports (1–4).

Connect an analog telephone, fax machine, or similar device to the Phone (FXS) ports. Then connect the Line (FXO) port to the telephone line on your phone jack. (This step is optional).

Install the supplied AC power plug into the power adapter. NOTE Only use the power adapter that was provided with the unit.

Connect the power adapter to the 12 VDC port on your SRP527W. Insert the AC power plug into an electrical outlet.

Move the antenna to the vertical position.

Press the On/Off switch to the on position. The POWER/SYS light on the front panel flashes green while the SRP527W boots. After booting, the light turns solid green, indicating your hardware installation is now complete.

After you install the SRP527W, configure it by using the Setup Wizard.

Configure your computer to use DHCP for its LAN connection.

Using an Ethernet cable, connect your computer to an available LAN port (1-4) on the SRP. Your computer will automatically obtain an IP address in the 192.168.15.x range.

Open a web browser.

In the Address bar, enter the default IP address:

When the login page appears, enter the username and password:

The default username is cisco.

The default password is cisco.

NOTE Passwords are case sensitive.

Now click Log In.

Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial configuration, including information such as …

Connection Type:  PPPoA


Password:  your chosen ezybroadband password

The installation is complete, and you should now be online with ezybroadband.

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