Our Official Statement & Policy On Our Postings

Our Official Statement & Policy On Our Postings:

Please understand the following… I accept no credit for any of the sections that I have sourced from other sites, blogs, articles, etc, in anyway

These are here only as a means of convenience & centralization of information, to avoid having to spent many hours of re-sourcing. Lastly, any information created by me personally, is given freely to all those wishing to use it, I only ask you respect all those creators involved by acknowledging them & myself in any use of these tutorials.

I have only included the information
as extracts and extract copies,  for the purpose of simplicity, and to
hopefully to assist others from the lengthy “Googling” I had to do to
collect the information I used to solve my issues, and as in most cases I
was having lots of problems trying to access some of these websites for
various reasons.
(ie: site no longer available, not stable, corrupted links, etc), or
just plagued with various issues in general.

So I thought it would make more sense to hold this information in one place..  If there are any objections or issues with having this as part of the tutorials, I will gladly remove it. Or alternatively email me so I can include your details to the credits lists. 

** Credits & Acknowledgement’s **